Penelope duckworth


        I created this website as a center for readers of my books

and to share my new directions and pursuits, as well as related events.

My primary interests are poetry and the sacred, especially the lives of

women saints.  Most of my prose work has been on Mary, the mother of God,

but I have also written on Joan of Arc, Clare of Assisi, and the women who followed

Jesus: Mary Magdalene, and Mary and Martha of Bethany.

        On this website you will find information on my books as well as podcasts with

recorded portions of my books including my poetry and a prayer service.




              A Word made flesh is seldom

              And tremblingly partook...                                                         

                                                Emily Dickinson

    Of her flesh he took flesh:

    He does take fresh and fresh,

    Though much the mystery how,

    Not flesh but spirit now

    And makes, O marvellous!

    New Nazareths in us.

                           Gerard Manley Hopkins

                          And the Word was  made flesh and

                          dwelt among us.

                                                   The Gospel of John

     art by Alejandra Vernon